When does Ebert Grown ship? 

Orders are shipped from our store every week on Monday. If a Holiday falls on a Monday, we will ship on Tuesday. Please allow our shipping department 2-3 business days to fill orders. 

  • For example, order placed by Wednesday will be filled and shipped the coming Monday. Orders placed after Wednesday will be shipped the following Monday (a week and a half later).

When can I expect delivery of my package? 

Orders are shipped on Mondays to ensure delivery within the same week.  

What is the safest option for shipping?

We recommend two-day shipping to ensure product quality. Please keep in mind that Ground Delivery does not offer a guaranteed delivery date and we do not guarantee product if you choose ground shipping.

How does Ebert Grown calculate shipping? 

Shipping charges are based on weight, package size, and applicable zone of the ‘ship to’ address based on UPS shipment calculations. 

What information does Ebert Grown require for delivery? 

All orders must have a complete and accurate shipping address, including the recipient’s phone number. Ebert Grown is not responsible for incorrect addresses. 

What if I have a street address and a post office box? 

We always require the ‘ship to’ street address. If available, please include the post office box number (P.O. Box), as the postal service is occasionally used, if delivery is faster. 

Where do you not ship to? 

Unfortunately, we currently are unable to ship to APO (Army/Air Post Office), DPO (Diplomatic Post Office), or FPO (Fleet Post Office) addresses. If you use a P.O. Box address, you MUST include a street address. We are currently not shipping to Hawaii or Alaska.  

What do I do if I submit a wrong “ship to” address? 

Please contact Ebert Grown via phone immediately and we will be happy to make the correction. 

When will I receive email notifications from Ebert Grown? 

You will receive an email confirmation when: 

1. Your order is placed. 

2. The order is shipped. 

3. The order is delivered. 

Will I receive tracking information once my package is shipped? 

Yes. You will receive tracking information with your shipment confirmation. 

How does Ebert Grown handle on-line security? 

Our customer’s security when ordering online is a priority. We take all appropriate steps to secure sensitive information and never keep credit card information. We also utilize two step verifications by requiring accurate credit card billing information and CVV information to be entered correctly. 

How are orders packaged to ensure product stays cold? 

Ebert Grown beef is frozen before shipment and is placed in reusable Styrofoam coolers lined with frozen gel packs inside a corrugated box. 

My product did not arrive frozen, what do I do? 

If your product is thawed but still cool to the touch, the product is safe to eat within 7 days or may be refrozen. If your product is not cool to the touch, please give us a call. 

How long can I keep frozen thawed beef in the refrigerator? 

Consume within 7 days once thawed. 

How long can I store frozen beef? 

According to the USDA, when you properly store meat, at 0 degrees Fahrenheit, it remains safe to consume indefinitely. We suggest that you consume our Ebert Grown beef within 12 months of purchase for best quality. 

Ebert Grown guarantees your order will arrive in satisfactory condition to the street address provided. We are not responsible if the address provided is incorrect or for packages that are not received by the addressee on the same day the package is delivered.